Litterbug is hit in the pocket with £133 bill

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A SOFT drink proved pricey for one man who left the cup on the side of the road.

Mark Wilde was prosecuted for littering the highway after a Bolsover Council officer saw him open his car door and place the large cup in the road in Barlborough, Chesterfield.

He was issued with a £50 fixed penalty notice in July but was taken to court after failing to pay and ended up being ordered to pay £133.

Coun Dennis Kelly, Bolsover Council cabinet member for the environment, said: “This has turned out to be a very expensive drink.

“Every time someone throws litter out their car window or can’t be bothered to discard their rubbish properly, it costs us, and ultimately the taxpayer, money to go and clean it up.”

Wilde, of Nethersprings Road, Bolsover, admitted an environmental offence when he appeared at Chesterfield Magistrates’ Court.

In mitigation, he said he had not intended leaving the cup, but was distracted by his child crying in the back of the car.

He was ordered to pay a £33 fine, a £15 victim surcharge and £85 costs.