Litter louts who couldn’t care less

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I wish I could think that the anti-litter campaign which encourages people to have more respect for their city and environment in which they live could be successful in altering people’s filthy habits.

However, it seems there are large numbers of litter louts who couldn’t care less.

On one visit to town last week I saw the usual food cartons, crisp bags and empty drink cans thrown into shrubbery, or placed on walls when there were litter-bins provided nearby.

I was just walking past the Quaker Meeting House on St James’ Street when I had to quickly step off the footpath into the road to avoid a pile of vomit no doubt left by the previous night’s binge-drinkers.

Even in the area in which I live, which is not known for having a major litter problem, I find myself picking up cigarette packets, bottles, and all kinds of waste paper and depositing all this rubbish in a bin whenever I go out.

It isn’t all thrown down by children either, as often workmen working in the area are the culprits, and they are also responsible for ruining many of our grass verges with their vans and lorries.

The daffodil shoots are just starting to emerge from the ground which we look forward to every spring, but many of these have been trampled underfoot by workmen.

Unfortunately, people who take a pride in their surroundings seem now to be in the minority and even if fines are increased for littering there is not the manpower available to catch all these inconsiderate people.

I am afraid it will take a major change in attitude to stamp out this ghastly anti-social problem.

Susan Richardson