Litter action week hailed as a ‘resounding success’

Residents in Page Hall who have been out clearing litter as part of Week of Action
Residents in Page Hall who have been out clearing litter as part of Week of Action
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More than 100 sacks of litter were collected from the streets around a Sheffield neighbourhood in a week of action hailed as a ‘resounding success’.

Residents and community groups were invited to take to the streets of Page Hall and collect rubbish to clean the area.

Sheffield Council said the event last week ‘aimed to educate, involve and support the local community’.

Action began with 767 door-to-door visits to talk to residents and advise them on how to dispose of their waste materials properly.

Around 400 face-to-face meetings took place advising on the correct methods of waste disposal and properties received a pack explaining how to dispose of household waste and to encourage recycling.

But some residents said it has not taken long for the blight of litter to return.

Paul Downend, a Page Hall resident who has repeatedly complained about the amount of litter on the streets, said: “I have taken more images of Firth Park Road after the end of action week which clearly show more litter.

“The situation is clearly not improving and rubbish is continuously being discarded.

“I would like to know what else is planned to alleviate the increased disassociation of basic levels of behaviour by certain elements of this community.”

Sheffield Council said that 115 sacks of litter were filled by residents in Page Hall as part of the week of action – and that there are plans for further litter picks in the future.

Nearly 100 residents signed a pledge to continue to keep the area clean and tidy in the future with litter picks and other projects.

The action week started controversially when the council came under fire before the action week for temporarily removing extra street cleaners who normally work in the area due to its litter problems.

Residents claimed they were being treated ‘like schoolchildren’ and given collective punishment. The council said it wanted to illustrate how bad the litter problem was before the action week started.

Coun Jack Scott, cabinet member for environment, said: “The Week of Action has been a great success.

“All parts of the local community came together to tackle the problem in Page Hall and, probably more importantly, so far 97 people have committed to become involved in regular litter picks and other projects to improve the local area.

“We will be monitoring the amounts of litter, use of the household waste bins, bin contamination and fly tipping over the coming weeks. We are aiming for a long-term change in behaviour.”