Listen to my concerns over huge tree

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There have been a lot of letters from people protesting about healthy trees being felled.

I wonder how many of the protesters have a lime tree that is well over 100 years old, twice as tall as their house and leaning towards it, less than one metre from their front gate, dropping branches, leaves, sap (aphid waste), and vast amounts of bird droppings on their property.

I have telephoned Amey on five occasions over a period of about three years when large branches have fallen into the garden, have been given case reference numbers and promises that a tree surgeon would come to assess the tree but so far nothing has happened.

There has been much talk about tree roots damaging pavements and roads.

What about damage to house foundations and drains within a property?

I have been told that any damage to my property from the roots of the tree will have to be paid for by myself.

Does this seem fair?

I just wish someone would listen to my concerns and replace the huge old, tree outside my house with a tree more appropriate for a residential area.

M Gough

Lismore Road, Sheffield S8