LISTED: Where you can buy a house for less than £50k in Sheffield

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Saving up enough money to buy your first property is a concern many young people in Sheffield, and across the UK, share.

Affordable housing is an issue constantly being debated in parliament as first-time buyers try and overcome the mounting housing crisis.

The average price of a home is getting more and more expensive with the average price of a property in Dore standing at a whopping £465,597.

A lack of housing supply only exacerbates matters meaning putting down a deposit on a home may seem an unaffordable dream for many.

However, all is not lost for property hunters in Sheffield.

A quick search on Rightmove has revealed that there are over 20 properties in Sheffield that you can buy for under £50,000.

Take a look through the list of the cheapest properties in Sheffield to see if any take your fancy.