Listed: How does your pay compare to the average across the South Yorkshire boroughs?

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It's a subject that's rarely talked about but one that many people find fascinating - how much do those around us earn.

Most of us will rarely discuss their exact wage but new figures published by the Office of National Statistics have revealed the average income of British taxpayers.

These figures, published last week, have been split down into local authorities so readers can find out how their wage compares to those around them.

The figures have been compiled by a mass of household financial data collated by government departments, including details of income per taxpayer.

These are the "mean" averages for the tax year 2014-15, worked out by dividing total income by the number of taxpayers within any borough.

The average income of taxpayers across South Yorkshire is £25,475 compared with the average income of £31,898 across England and Wales

South Yorkshire

In Sheffield, the average income in £27,200, followed by Barnsley with an average of 25,100.

Rotherham has the lowest average income across South Yorkshire with £24,700, only slightly lower than Doncaster with £24,900.


Harrogate is home to the highest earners in Yorkshire with an average yearly wage of £36,700 ahead of Leeds with £28,600 and Bradford with £26,800.

The East Riding of Yorkshire has an average of £28,700 with Scarborough at £25,400.

Highest and Lowest

Inner-London boroughs have the highest earners with residents of Kensington and Chelsea earning an average of £158,000.

Residents in the City of London earn £144,000 and Westminster residents earn £104,000, making them the highest paid areas in the country.

Some of the lowest earners were in South Wales with the average income of residents in Blaenau Gwent at £21,400 ahead of Torfaen with £23,800.