Listed building responsibilities

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THE city council is right to remind the owners of a former working men’s club of their responsibilities to its upkeep as it continues to grow increasingly decrepit.

Dial House Social Club, on Ben Lane, is a listed building and, as such, is a prominent part of the city’s heritage.

Not only that, it commands a key role in the history of entertainment in the city, having been the most popular club of its type for generations of residents.

Today it is derelict and due to undergo conversion work, creating housing.

The council is insisting the owners carry out urgent work to arrest the decay of this key property.

However, this seems to be a good time to remind the council that there are many listed buildings all around Sheffield which are also falling into states of major disrepair - some of them owned by the council!

All owners of such properties need to respect their responsibilities.

Make every penny count on roads

SHEFFIELD motorists are united in their annoyance over the number and severity of potholes which litter the city’s roads. So it ought to be a cause for rejoicing to learn of a council team out and about repairing these nuisances.

But that isn’t the reaction you will get from Simon Linfoot, who discovered that a team of workmen had filled in a pothole on his road - around the wheel of his parked van!

He was not surprisingly amazed that the job had been attempted with a vehicle parked in the middle of the pothole, meaning that the job could not be completed.

When every penny spent by the council has to count, we expect more to show for the council taxes paid to Sheffield City Council.

Reassuring links

IN our fast changing world it is always reassuring to hear of things which anchor us to Sheffield’s wonderful past. And that is the reaction readers will feel when they learn of a VIP visit to a scissor factory in Sheffield, which is a valued link to the city’s manufacturing heritage. MP Meg Munn was rightly fascinated by what she saw at the workshops, appreciating that it was a living link with generations of hard working Sheffield folk who had helped spread the city’s name and fame across the globe.

Similarly, we are delighted to report on the occasion of the new High Sherriff of South Yorkshire, Andrew Jackson Coombe, taking his declaration of office and succeeding former High Sherriff Anthony Cooper at a Crown Court ceremony. The office dates back to Saxon times and is largely ceremonial these days. Nonetheless we feel it is important that such roles continue.

For it is reassuring to feel close links to the roots which made the county great.