Line opens after landslide

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ROUND-the-clock work took place to reopen the Sheffield-to-Manchester railway after a landslip made an embankment unsafe.

Part of the structure had collapsed on to a road at Buxworth, near Chinley, just before midnight on Saturday after heavy rain.

As a precaution, the line was shut and Network Rail called out its contractors who brought tower lighting and excavators to the site.

Closer inspection revealed sandy soil had been washed away, rather than the embankment, and the railway track appeared to be unaffected.

One track was reopened first thing on Sunday with a 5mph speed restriction to allow the train companies to operate an amended timetable using the one line.

During the course of Sunday, approximately 400 tonnes of stone were put into position using a long-reach excavator.

The rebuilding work was finished by 11pm on Sunday and an inspection of the track in the early hours of the morning, resulting in both lines being reopened in time for the start of the working week, with a 20mph speed restriction.