Limit doesn’t work

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I HAD a letter printed a while ago (Who will enforce limit?) which followed up Paul License’s column about a 20mph limit in Stradbroke that was also proposed for Shiregreen.

My point was that the limit was of no use if it wasn’t enforced.

Now I see the council is to bid for money to impose more 20mph limits on the city.

It’s now four months into the scheme on Shiregreen, and I live on the main bus route, parts of which have road humps and road-narrowing schemes as well as the 20mph limit.

Have I seen anyone travelling at 20mph in that time? You have to be joking!

It appears 20mph is considered a minimum limit in this area. You’re more likely to find traffic roaring about at 40mph than 20 and I include vans belonging to Sanctuary (who run the estate), Kier vans (who contract to the council), delivery wagons to local shops, taxis who seem to be practising for a Formula 1 and just about every other motorist on the estate.

I did try driving at 20mph, but I got lights flashed at me, horns sounded and cars overtaking me, with no thought to oncoming traffic because I was deemed as being too slow.

If numerous humps and road narrowing schemes don’t slow traffic, how do they seriously expect a few 20mph sighs, unenforced, to make a difference?

I have been told the signs are ‘advisory’, so I really don’t see how they justify the expense for something that clearly doesn’t work.

There would be more sense if they sorted out the illegal and dangerous parking outside local schools and those parking on the newly-laid grass verges (this includes school staff). It leads to just more money down the drain.

I voted Labour at the last elections, mainly because I was sick of seeing Paul Scriven’s photo in the press. I can easily change my vote again at the next election if money is spent on these stupid ideas that don’t seem to work, at a time of financial crisis.

SC, Shiregreen

Much ado about Ron

Alan Turner (Oct 11) flatters me by reference to ‘young Ron.’

Anyhow, I was referring to pubs in Sheffield, home of the famed Wicker Archers and not the leafy countryside.

I’ll Tuck away my error and not go too Scarlett with embarrassment as it’s Much Ado About Nothing. Your Maid Marion name wouldn’t be A’Dale, would it?

Ron Clayton, S6

Unused public loo

i FEEL I have to put pen to paper about the toilet at the bottom of Holme Lane, near the lovely garden. It was built months ago and has never been used.

There is a notice on the door stating it is ‘temporarily out of use’.

I don’t know who paid for it but I hope it didn’t come out of taxpayers’ pockets.

M Hollis, Spoonhill Road, S6

Block paving on pavements

With so many roads in Sheffield being in a deplorable state, how can our council justify the amount of money that is being spent in block-paving the footpaths of Harborough Avenue, between Manor Park Centre and Manor Lane.

The cost must run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. I concede work should be done both on the footpaths and on the roads but not block paving! Why, when we are supposed to be having all the cutbacks, can we not stay with the asphalt we have had all these years, which is a fraction of the cost?

I hope no-one will tell me they are doing it because it will last, when all the roads are being filled with temporary patches that come out every winter.

K Edwards, Landseer Place Sheffield, ex-Labour voter

Lives less precious than money

in reply to Maurice Fields, the main reason cyclists ride on the pavements is that the roads are unsafe due to inconsiderate motorists!

They are dangerous owing to the fact that people nowadays only generally think about themselves and don’t seem to realise that cyclists on the road are very vulnerable.

We need to provide more cycle lanes to avoid the need to use either pavements or roads and then everyone will be happy.

Of course, that will cost money and at this time lives are less precious than money so nothing will be done, except to fine the ‘easy target’.

It’s a similar problem with vulnerable horse riders; they face exactly the same type of decision

Steve Goodman, St Quentin Mount, Bradway