Like turkeys voting for Christmas

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Corruption, greed, fraud, mismanagement, dubious government policies etc. have broken the back of the Welfare State and the political system itself. With a £1.5 trillion black hole and £5 billion shortfall in the NHS it is clear the country is in a mess but who is paying the price? The working man carrying the heavy burden of supporting a failing system on which so many ill and disabled are dependent plus thousands now unemployed as a result of those policies.

Both NEW Labour and the Tories have brought us to this sorry state and when I look at election leaflets I wonder! Do I place my cross for the sake of it because there is a general belief that I have no right to voice an opinion if I don’t vote anyway or register a protest vote with a minority party.

In both cases, it is a waste of my vote but when the Party you once believed in appears to be singing from the same song sheet as those whose beliefs you do not share, where is the democratic choice?

Whatever I do, I know there is no escaping the fact that neither government nor local council have total power to change for the better so many lives devastated by governments.

Not only is money extremely short but we are no longer a totally independent nation state, most of our laws coming from Europe.

This being the case, does it mean that whoever I vote into power will merely be a front man for European plans of which we have no knowledge and that, come the election, we might only be like the proverbial turkeys voting for Christmas?

Mary Steele

Deerlands Avenue, Parson Cross, Sheffield S5 8AB