Lifesaver led family to safety in blaze

Ellie Taylor who raised the alarm as her families house was burnt down before christmas
Ellie Taylor who raised the alarm as her families house was burnt down before christmas
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A quick-thinking schoolgirl has been hailed as a life saver - after hearing the smoke alarm sound in her home and leading her parents, brother and sister to safety.

Ellie Taylor, aged 11, also ensured the fire was contained, by closing all the downstairs doors.

When the fridge freezer caught fire in a utility room due to an electrical fault, she was the first to hear the smoke alarm sounding.

Ellie then woke parents Gail and David Taylor, brother Brad, also 11, and younger sister Gracie, four.

Mum Gail believes Ellie’s actions ‘saved their lives’ - adding she was ‘absolutely brilliant’.

Describing the drama, Mrs Taylor said: “It was quarter to three in the morning when Ellie came into our room. She said, ‘Mummy, I can hear the smoke alarm’.

“I got up and the house was full of smoke.

“Ellie then told us to keep low, for everyone to get out and call the fire brigade. We went outside in our pyjamas and I dialled 999 on my mobile phone.

“I can’t tell you how proud I am of her - she was absolutely brilliant - she kept really calm and if it hadn’t been for her, we might not have made it out alive.”

Mrs Taylor added the fire service also praised Ellie for making sure the downstairs doors were closed at night - which contained the fire and slowed the spread of smoke.

“One of the firemen said the fact the downstairs doors were closed - particularly the ones leading into the utility room - saved us by slowing the spread of smoke and allowed us to escape.

“That’s down to Ellie - she goes round and closes all the doors and makes sure everything is switched off at night,” she said.

The fire left the Taylor home in Coniston Road, Oakwell, Barnsley, gutted - and the family is now spending New Year in a hotel while they look for rented accommodation.

Mrs Taylor, a quality inspector at an internet shopping company, said Ellie had acted on advice she learned through school.

“Ellie goes to Queens Road Academy, where she is ‘switch off monitor’ - turning off electrical equipment - and has been given advice on fire safety,” she said.

“She managed to put it to use, and it looks like it saved our lives.”