Life's a beach hut for drinkers who smoke

REGULARS at a Doncaster bar who need to satisfy their tobacco craving can pop outside without fear of being exposed to the elements and imagine they're on an exotic beach.

Wednesday, 26th September 2007, 2:52 pm
Updated Thursday, 27th September 2007, 11:22 am

Manana, Manana, in Lazarus Court, is making sure smokers don't suffer too much as a result of the ban which came into effect three months ago.

The venue now boasts a beach-hut style smoking shelter on its balcony, so ciggy lovers don't have to brave the elements to get a nicotine fix .

Co-owner David McIvor said: "We wanted to build something substantial rather than just put up a make up and mend shelter that wouldn't fit the character of the bar and wouldn't be comfortable for the customers."

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The shelter is situated on the bar's sundeck and next summer looks set to be a real treat for customers.

"The deck's a perfect suntrap," Dave continued. "From noon all the way through to the evening we get the sun. To be honest, we'd have never bought the place without that feature."

But even before scorching weather returns, drinkers can rest assured they won't be getting goosebumps.

"We've environmentally-friendly heaters out there, too. When you press them they stay on for 20 minutes. To be honest, a lot of our trade is in food, so the smoking ban's been quite good for us, but you've got to cater for everyone and I'm sure smokers will be really happy."

But the news is not so good for smokers at the Rossington Colliery Officials' Club, King George Road, Rossington, where permission for a smoking shelter at the rear of the premises has been turned down by Doncaster Council