Life-saving equipment to be provided at theatre venue

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A life-saving piece of equipment is to be installed at Rotherham Civic Theatre to help cardiac arrest victims.

The venue has been given a defibrillator by the British Heart Foundation charity after it raised £400 to part-fund the machine.

A defibrillator is a portable device which can be used by a member of the public to help restart the heart when someone has a cardiac arrest.

It works by delivering a controlled electric shock through the chest wall.

For every minute that passes without defibrillation, chances of survival decrease by about 10 per cent.

A Rotherham Theatres spokesman said: “We’re hoping the defib won’t ever need to become the star of the show, but we’re glad it’s there to give a potentially life-saving performance if need be.

“We are delighted to have raised enough money to help fund this defibrillator.

“The defibrillator will be placed in our box office area meaning if someone does have a cardiac arrest the equipment will be available to give them a fighting chance of survival.”