LIFE’S A BTICH: Jacko’s just bad, he’s bad...

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A Jackson has come out of the woodwork and taken a pop at St Michael.

Janet, the one I always thought was almost, pretty close to sane, has lashed out - and revealed his cruelty to the world.

She’s announced her brother once made her life a total misery... by calling her nasty names.

“There was a lot of pain in my life and much of it was caused by Michael. He gave me the most cutting names and they hurt me deeply,” she says, in a teeny-tiny, please feel sorry for me voice.

What is wrong with that family? What made the Jacksons so hyper-sensitive?

So, her brother called her pig, a cow and, oh dear, a slaughter hog. So what?

Is there a sister alive who has never been subjected to silly, juvenile snipes by her brother, for God’s-sake?

Did he pull her pigtails as well?

If so, The King of Pop’s golden halo is forever tarnished.