LIFE’S A BITCH: Sheen really is a proper Charlie

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HAVE you heard the latest on Charlie Sheen?

Apparently his most recent fall from grace, in which he was fired from hit TV series Two and a Half Men following numerous violent outbursts and high profile run-ins with drugs and alcohol, just wasn’t embarrassing enough.

Charlie has now downgraded himself to truly ridiculous.

It seems the 45-year-old fancies himself a bit of a Hugh Hefner after acquiring two female ‘goddesses’ to live with him.

Blonde beauties Rachel Oberlin and Natalie Kenly moved into his house recently as his financially-motivated girlfriends in a roll-your-eyes storyline worthy of the playboy mansion.

Worryingly Charlie told ABC that he considers both women ‘mother figures’ to his children.

He was filmed kissing both of them in front of his two-year-old twin boys.

Apparently though, ‘The Hef’ he is not, as both girls have already moved out as quickly as they moved in.

But that hasn’t stopped Charlie actively looking for their replacements.

“That’s how I roll. And if it’s too gnarly for people, then buh-bye,” he said.

Oh come on Charlie. Grow up already!