LIFE’S A BITCH: Rubbish side of living together

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THE Daily Mail ran a story this week about a couple whose relationship broke down because one of them refused to take out the rubbish.

It sounds ridiculous but as someone who has recently moved in with her boyfriend, I can sort of sympathise.

The transition from romantic relationship to a practical one as you attempt to join two lives together isn’t easy. Will talk of money and household chores end up replacing the romance?

I hope not.

I’d love to incorporate a ‘chore wheel’ but it makes me nervous that my boyfriend will start to see me as a bossy ‘mother-type.’ I don’t want the sweet, carefree girlfriend who laughs at his jokes to be replaced by a nag who gets on at him to pick his wet towel up off the floor and wipe the crumbs off the counter.

I’ve already caught myself rolling my eyes when I come home and he’s left the kitchen in a mess.

So how do people find a balance?

Ask me in a month or two, Right now I’ve got a kitchen to go and clean. Grrr...