LIFE’S A BITCH: Make the new fast-food calorie shake-up count

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OMG, as many a McDonalds-munching teen textee would say.

A large strawberry McShake’s got 540 calories in it. And a large carton of McFries contains 460 calories.

That’s 1,000 in before you’ve even sniffed your burger (490 for a Big Mac).

And now, everyone will know.

Because from September a host of fast-food giants, McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Subway included, have agreed to start marking up their menus with nutritional content. It’s all about making these hugely rich companies more socially responsible - and giving people the means to make healthier choices about their diet.

It’s great news - it’s about time consumers could see at a glance what is hidden in their food. It would be even better news if it resulted in a mini-munchers’ revolt and takeaway kings had to start dishing up leaner options.

Though whether kids will care enough to start calorie and fat content-counting, or simply carry on cramming and ROFLing their way to obesity, is surely down to parents setting a good example.

Mothers and fathers who care not about hardened arteries and bellies they can barely squeeze under a KFC table wield far more power than numbers on a menu.