LIFE’S A BITCH: How to lose Friends and influence people

Bad hair day: Jennifer Aniston
Bad hair day: Jennifer Aniston
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Well, waddaya know?

Things are looking up for the rest of us.

Princess Flicky is having a bad hair day.

On purpose, too.

The actress stepped out to promote her latest film looking as brassy as Bette Lynch. Or Donatella Versace on a good day.

Thank you, thank you, Ms Aniston, for going so badly blonde.

Ever since her pretty little head appeared in that first episode of Friends, we have wanted her hair.

Those shiny, layered locks the colour of caramel even had a haircut named after them.

The Rachel both inspired and depressed women the world over. We rushed to the hairdresser’s demanding to look like Jennifer, then got home and discovered 99 per cent of the time our super-sexy tousledness just looked a choppy, unkempt mess. Like we’d just run into Edward Scissorhands.

Over the years, Jennifer has made a few subtle changed to the cut. And sickeningly, it’s always worked. But colour-wise, she’s always erred on the cool and classy side.

The hair envy is over, though. She’s traded those subtle, sun-kissed highlights for full-on bright, bathtaps blonde. Monroe it ain’t. Harlow it ain’t, either.

What on earth possessed her? She can’t possibly think an orange centre-parting and ends that look as dry as straw is a good look.

Is reaching for the peroxide bottle a last-ditch attempt to have more fun?

If so, it’s not going to work. Going all trailer-park doesn’t give you automatic free entry into the House Of Fun.

The only logical answer is she’s gone recessionista, sacked her hairdresser and got a pal’s teenage daughter to pop round with a home-dye kit from the local drug store.