Life’s a beach in city centre

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ARE you thinking about a trip to the seaside but can’t face the drive?

Then Sheffield city centre has the answer for you.

We may be land-locked, but Sheffield-by-the-sea offers a taste of the resort experience.

Today’s Family Matters feature showcases the promotion and offers you money-off vouchers.

It’s worth a look. A helter skelter, swing boats and a beach have been winched on to the Peace Gardens.

There are dodgems in Fargate and a children’s boating pool in front of the town hall.

All we’re lacking is the sea breeze, but we do have a nice line in ice creams.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll review other attractions within easy reach and offer money money-saving vouchers.

So celebrate summer in The Star, where the sun always shines.

Day community joined together

SMILING faces, community spirit and a warm welcome. This was Burngreave as almost 1,000 people put on a united front against racism and crime.

Abbeyfield Park played host to Sumfest UK Love, Peace and Unity Music Festival, organised by volunteers in an effort to reduce anti-social behaviour.

It’s an excellent example of a community coming together to show what it has got to offer. Whether it was music from hand-picked local talent or a children’s paradise full of rides and games, the day-long festival proved a crowd- pleaser. This is an area which has had its problems during the last few years, but a day where families come together to enjoy themselves proves there is so much more to Burngreave.

Investment needed

WHILE we are pleased by the prospect of a £190 million boost for the Sheffield City Region, we would be thrilled if it became reality.

Today’s Business page reports Local Enterprise Partnership chairman James Newman saying he is confident we will get cash from a growth fund which could attract massive private investment.

But his next statement is less pleasing. Mr Newman says this region has had mixed fortunes bidding for funds and adds we have not had our fair share. This has always been the fear with grand announcements of vast amounts of cash. The reality is often little or nothing comes our way. Let us hope the undoubted potential of this region can be realised by giving us the investment we need.