Life of a domestic goddess isn’t always a piece of cake

Nigella Lawson
Nigella Lawson
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Bog off, Bake-off; who wants to be a domestic goddess now?

The image of the nurturing matriarch, welcoming hungry hoards to kitchen table feasts home-made with love has taken a battering and been deep-fried to a crisp.

Nigella Lawson was meant to be a witness for the prosecution of two former employees, but found herself getting the Grillo. Right when she should have been stocking up on cola in which to pre-soak the Christmas ham she was facing coke allegations and admitting her domestic life was far from bliss.

This Christmas, no woman worth her Maldon sea-salt wanted to admit she was ‘doing a Nigella’ for fear of family totally misconstruing - and going bananas at the slightest trace of self-raising accidentally swiped across her face during the Christmas bake.