Lid lifted on Sheffield shared bins idea

An overflowing shared bin on Sharrow Vale Road
An overflowing shared bin on Sharrow Vale Road
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Proposals for shared bins would affect some ‘transient’ communities in Sheffield, a council chief has said.

The city council is consulting on new planned changes to its waste service in a bid to save £3.4m – and the possibility of shared bins is included in the consultation.

Scores of Star readers raised concerns about the idea, fearing new problems with overflowing bins, fly-tipping and blocked roads.

The consultation report did not say which areas could be affected.

But Coun Jayne Dunn, cabinet member for environment, said the change would affect neighbourboods which had problems with bins cluttering the street and would not be citywide.

She added: “That was never the intention – certainly not. We don’t want more bins on the street, we are trying to de-clutter them.

“This is something we could do in more transient areas, like student areas, so instead of having 20 bins out on the street there would be four or five bigger ones.”

A trial of shared bins started last year on Sharrowvale Road and areas which could get them will be looked at in the next few weeks.

Coun Dunn said there would be ‘careful’ assessment of each area to make sure pavements were wide enough for shared bins and they would not automatically be placed in student areas.

The bins would be locked and residents given keys. Up to 12 households could share each set of bins.

Coun Dunn said the proposal was more about improving a problem than saving money.

Larger savings will come from options such as what residents choose to recycle in which bin and mixing collections so they can take place on different days.

Coun Dunn added: “If residents don’t want it we wouldn’t force it – this is about improving the street scene and tackling the mass of complaints we get about bins in the street.”