Libya protest to continue at Town Hall

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LIBYAN nationals living in Sheffield were protesting in the city centre this lunchtime for the fifth day running - calling for an end to the bloodshed in their homeland and for the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi.

Around 400 people from the Arab state are currently in Sheffield, many of them students in the city.

Up to 100 have gathered outside the Town Hall each lunchtime this week bearing placards, pictures of the dead and injured, and the old Libyan flag from before Gaddafi took power. Many have lost close relatives and friends, killed by forces loyal to the murderous dictator.

Tomorrow there will be a larger protest outside Sheffield Town Hall from 12noon, when Libyans will be joined by trade unionists.

Mukhtar Kabar, a Libyan journalist currently living in Sheffield city centre, said: “Gaddafi is clinging on to the capital, Tripoli, supported by loyalists tied to his regime who know their time’s up, too, if he is overthrown. The city is being run by the head of the secret services who ordered the Lockerbie bombing.

“We are continuing the protests in Sheffield because many people locally are still not aware of the truth of what is happening.”