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Volunteers at Broomhill Community Library have gathered to celebrate its first successful year as a volunteer-led library.

The library, which was initially marked for closure by Sheffield City Council back in 2013 as a result of budget cuts, has been entirely run by a team of 120 volunteers for the past 12 months.

Volunteer Celia Lock said: “It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come, from this time last year when the brand new Broomhill Community Library was born.

“There were plenty of initial fears about the idea of this new library being run entirely by volunteers, with support from Sheffield City Council. After all, the voluntary sector is shrinking and people are not volunteering in the numbers they used to, but we’ve been amazed to see Broomhill Library bucking this trend.

“After its first faltering steps, Broomhill Community Library is thriving. It opens for longer than it ever did, 33 hours a week, and is manned by a fantastic team of over 120 volunteers.

“Our incredible volunteers have such passion for the library - they love the building and its books and want future generations to benefit from it too.”

The team is also looking to the future, with plans to see the library developed as a Community Hub for community activities.

Celia added: “A Live Project Team from Sheffield University’s Architecture Department is currently looking into the feasibility of this for us, in consultation with the Local Neighbourhood Planning Group.

“The vision is to open up unused spaces to create community rooms that flow into one another.

“Another plan is to restore the once beautiful garden, created by famous garden designer, Percy Caine, which will of course mean some serious fundraising in the coming months.

“But for now we are simply thrilled to be able to celebrate our first year with friends, supporters and the community.”

Visit www.broomhill-library.org.uk if you would like more information.