Liberation of Belsen

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As the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of Belsen is comming in April, I hope you will publish my letter.

My late aunt Winnie Tulley trained as a nurse in Sheffield. Winnie then joined the qarancs (army nurses), during the war and went to the Middle East to nurse the wounded troops. While there Winnie met and married a soldier (Gordon Shaw), when 1945 came Winnie was sent to Bergen-Belsen to nurse the remaining survivors of this terrible place.

Many years later when I finally heard the horror stories of Belsen, I will always remember in the terrible surroundings of Belsen (the kitchens wre spotless), Winnie came home and then settled in London, had two sons and later returned to nursing. Winnie and the other nurses and soldiers who entered Belsen had to carry on with life, no counselling then.

Maureen Nugent Burrows

Truswell Avenue, S10 1WJ