Lib Dems should cough up £2m

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I ATTENDED the Nick Clegg event at Ponds Forge – it was standard political fare except for one point.

Mr Clegg felt that the £2 million cost of policing the Liberal Democrat conference in Sheffield was justified.

Why are the taxpayers of Sheffield being asked to pick up the fees for this ‘private’ function, which it seems will cut the city in half for the weekend, whilst the Lib Dem bigwigs prance around inside their protective cordon?

Surely the Liberals should be paying this fee for policing themselves as it’s for their benefit and will be to the hindrance of city traders.

People will steer clear of the city centre and flock to the relative safety of Meadowhall.

Another own goal by Sheffield Council, I think.

Mick Ibbotson, Piper Close