LIB DEMS: Liberal Democrats’ Spring Conference Timetable

Liberal Democrats' Spring Conference 2011 in Sheffield.
Liberal Democrats' Spring Conference 2011 in Sheffield.
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PROTESTORS demonstrating outside the Liberal Democrats’ Spring Conference are attracting much attention - but here’s what’s going on inside Sheffield City Hall, Friday to Sunday, March 11 to 13.

For more details, including fringe events not held in the City Hall, visit the Liberal Democrats’ web site at - or click the External Link in the column on the right.


Friday 11th March

3pm to 5.30pm: Consultative Sessions

- Facing the Future

- Information Technology and Intellectual Property

- Inequality

Friday’s fringe guide

Early Evening 18.15 – 19.30

Conference Rally: Delivering for You

18.30 – 19.30 (doors open at 18.15)

Speakers: Nick Clegg MP; Tim Farron MP; Ros Scott; plus some leaders from local government. Hosted by Floella Benjamin.

After a historic year that has seen Liberal Democrats at the heart of national government for the first time, the party celebrates its values and achievements and the difference it is making for Britain locally and nationally, as it prepares for May’s crucial elections.

Saturday 12th March

9am:Party Business

F1 Federal Conference Committee Report

F2 Federal Policy Committee Report

9.15am: Policy Motion

F3 Community Futures

(Voluntary Sector and Volunteering Policy Paper)

10.15am: Policy Motion

F4 Disability Living Allowance – Mobility Component

10.45am: Policy Motion

F5 Updating the NHS: Personal and Local

11.45am: Question and Answer Session

F6 Q&A Session with the Business, Innovation and Skills Team

- Dr Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills

- Ed Davey MP, Minister for Employment Relations, Consumer and Postal Affairs

- Lorely Burt MP, Chair of the BIS Parliamentary Party Committee

- Simon Hughes MP, Advocate for Access to Education

12.40pm Lunch

Lunchtime 1pm – 2pm:

Social Liberal Forum

Vince Cable discusses Post-18 Education, in conversation with Dr Evan Harris: from funding to improved teaching and wider opportunities.

2.20pm: Policy Motion

F7 Taking Responsibility

(Youth Justice Policy Paper)

3.35pm: Question and Answer Session

F8 Question and Answer Session with Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP

4.20pm: Business Motion

F9 Improving the Diversity of our MPs

5.30pm: Party Business

F10 Report of the Federal Executive

F11 Report of the Federal Finance and Administration Committee

F12 Report of the Diversity and Engagement Group

F13 Report of the Campaign for Gender Balance

Saturday’s fringe guide

Sunday 13th March

9am: Party Business

F14 Parliamentary Party Reports

9.20am: Policy Motion

F15 Emergency Motion

9.50am: Business Motion

F16 Strategy, Positioning and Priorities

11am: Speech

F17 Yes to Fairer Votes Speech

11.15am: Policy Motion

F18 Access to Justice

11.45am: Party Business

F19 Speech by the Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP

1pm: Close of Conference (approx.)