Lib Dems did not object then

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On a blustery, rainy, miserable Monday the article about the maverick local sculptor Stoneface and his one-fingered gesture made me smile.

This lad’s got talent and where better to display his art than in the environs of the ancient village of Bradfield with its independently-minded folk?

Some of his work reminds me of early Norman stuff I once saw outside Old Sarum in Wiltshire and it’s a treat to view something that has soul, unlike some of the all-things-to-all-men/women (should I say all-persons?) abstract stuff that one often sees.

Let’s hope someone commissions Stoneface to produce a piece to reflect our Robin of Loxley legend.

Being an archer it would have to feature that British two-fingered salute, traditionally given to French forces and reversed by the Immortal Churchill. What better in the city of the Wicker Arches?

Friar Tuck, S6