Letting down young people

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I READ with interest your report on the appalling level of unemployment between 18-24-year-olds in Sheffield.

Is there any real surprise the figures are so high when support services such as Connexions face massive cuts and the Future Jobs Fund is scrapped?

I was recently made redundant from a project that employed key support workers all over the city. It offered the unemployed one-to-one support to help remove social, educational and financial barriers to assist them back to work. A large percentage were aged 18-24.

The DWP have denied these young people in deprived areas (I was based in Southey Green) the opportunity to receive individual support and instead forced them into the hands of private organisations such as A4E and Serco.

Taking away local, community based resources that support the most disadvantaged is a crime and the coalition government should hang its head in shame.

We’re letting our young people down.

Richard Henderson, Norton Lees