Letters: Will future of libraries be scrutinised by panel?

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I was disgusted by what I witnessed at the economic and environmental wellbeing scrutiny and policy development committee meeting on the future of Sheffield’s libraries .

I asked Councillor Cate McDonald if the public can really expect that the proposals put forward by Sheffield City Council will be fully scrutinised, considering the political affiliation of some of the members on that panel and she assured me that they would.

However, her actions at the meeting speak louder than words.

Members of the public and some committee members asked some very relevant questions, which were supported by evidence, and Coun Mazher Iqbal failed to answer a lot of these.

He merely kept repeating the same things and Coun McDonald, as the chair, did not insist he answer these questions.

How can Coun McDonald and the committee members say they have scrutinised the report when we cannot get answers to questions raised about information within the report?

So I am asking again: considering the political affiliation of some members on this panel can we really expect that the proposals will be fully scrutinised?

Annette Hobson