LETTERS: We should get our meat from butcher

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There has been a substantial amount of press given to the scandal of horse meat being passed off as beef in convenience meals.

The Labour Party were responsible for the cutbacks in food checks by DEFRA and the present Government have done nothing to rectify the situation.

The Government is fully responsible for ensuring that the food we eat is as described, so if it says it is beef, then it should be beef. They must ensure that manufacturing companies are supplying what is stated on the packaging.

But of course there are few checks made and these companies are under little obligation to carry any out.

But in reality, if you asked the average person how they felt that a major part of the processed meat they were eating originated from such places as Romania, I think alarm bells would be ringing.

It says a lot that famous name companies are sourcing their meat from such areas. It is another example of profit before quality. Unfortunately, it is a policy practised by many large companies today.

It is frightening when you look at the route this “food” takes – Romania to France to Ireland and then to the UK. Who knows what we are eating?

We should now take the same stance as other countries did during the BSE crisis, ban all imports of processed meat into the UK. But of course the UK Government don’t have the guts to do this, do they?

So let’s do it ourselves. Buy your meat from your local butcher, don’t buy any frozen rubbish from the supermarkets, who are only interested in profits.

It may cost a little more but if it says it is beef, then it will be beef

Dennis Smith, Brimington, Chesterfield