LETTERS: We must stand up for Sheffield’s heritage

Smithy Wood service station, artist's impression
Smithy Wood service station, artist's impression
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I must respond to Mick Gethin’s letter that appeared in The Star on October 9, in which he states that the special meeting of Ecclesfield Parish Council, where Extra gave a presentation, was not a public meeting and therefore not publicised.

My point (that Mick conveniently avoids) is that notices for full parish council meetings usually appear on the council’s notice boards.

This one didn’t.

Therefore, there seemed to be an element of secrecy about the meeting, which meant members of the public, who may have been interested in hearing what Extra had to say, were unaware that the meeting was taking place.

Mick then goes on to suggest that Extra have engaged with the public, because there was a double-page spread about plans for the service station in The Star.

If he thinks this constitutes a public consultation, he is sadly mistaken.

Unfortunately, his letter fails to address my main point, which questions if we actually need this service station.

Extra say it is required for those people who travel down the M18 from Doncaster to go north on the M1 (a route I believe few would use) and this therefore justifies the destruction of an ancient woodland.

I totally disagree with that argument and think the woodland should be preserved for future generations, rather than destroyed for the benefit of a few.

A few years ago, Mick was also in favour of Recycoal’s flawed coal cleaning operation, which led to the unnecessary destruction of thousands of trees at Hesley Wood.

Now he seems to be happy to see the destruction of the ancient woodland at Smithy Wood.

Surely we should all be standing up for our irreplaceable heritage.

Colin Taylor