Letters: We’d love to use buses but we don’t have a decent service!

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I have lived at Aughton for 15 years and have got used to the fact that the bus service (if you can call it that) provided by First Bus between Sheffield and Aughton is a service that First pick and choose when to run, all the buses are at least 15 to 20 years old and show it.

Up to the latest changes we had one X14 bus every hour, if it turned up , or one every two hours when they did not, at least we could get to town and home again in about the 74, that takes fifty minutes per journey with no service after 19.00 hours.

This is because the new route meanders through the Wicker along Attercliffe Common to Meadowhall back along Attercliffe to Broughton Lane turning to Sheffield Business Park and in and out of every side street then joining original route at Catcliffe.

These ‘improvements’ have greatly reduced the passenger numbers because of the doubling of journey time, no one catches it between the City Centre and Catcliffe (Trams and the X78 bus both every ten minutes more reliable than our buses) and Sheffield is a no go area after 19.00 hours unless you can afford a taxi.

They had to re-route the bus because the A1 bus service was no longer running? It still runs and picks up passengers in Attercliffe,. They should get their heads out of the sand and see they are wrong again

They can’t run a service after 19.00 hours because the PTE won’t subsidise it and they will only run a service if it makes a profit, The changes they made were sure to meanit did not make a profit which will allow them to cancel it which appears to be their aim.

I asked why the Company could not provide a service where the high profit making routes help to keep others running he said “we are not allowed by law to use profit made on one route to subsidies another quoting D regulation of public transport in the 1980’s”

First keep advertising “new” buses (under twenty years old?) and askingpensioners to use the buses. We would love to but we do’t have a decent service.

An isolated passenger Michael Fletcher, by email