LETTERS: Under threat from gigantic monopods

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The South of Sheffield and the North of Derbyshire is under attack.

Not unlike the invaders described in HG Wells classic War of the Worlds, this threat comes in the form of gigantic mono-pods, 50-75 metres high with huge rotating arms and little regard for the ‘humans’ forced to live in their shadow.

I speak of course of wind turbines. One, the size of the largest currently operating at the Technology Park, Catcliffe, is proposed for next to Sheffield Road (Bowshaw Farm) Dronfield, a few hundred metres from homes, schools and public amenity sites at Bowshaw and Lowedges.

It will also be in clear view and possibly earshot of many more hundreds of homes in Dronfield, Coal Aston, Jordanthorpe, Batemoor and Norton.

North East Derbyshire District Council has already refused planning permission once.

However, the developer William Strawson has lodged an appeal against the decision to the Secretary of State and this will be heard after March 25.

Mr Strawson owns Bowshaw Farm and much of the surrounding farmland.

However, he does not live at Bowshaw Farm or in Dronfield or, indeed, even in the same county.

Fortunately for Mr Strawson, therefore, the environmental impact upon his personal quality of life will be zero.

Can the local residents living within a 1km radius of this enormous structure look forward to new jobs, better amenities or even cheaper electricity?

Unfortunately not. Our legacy will be a visibly blighted landscape, additional noise pollution and drastically reduced property values.

We are not an industrial area (like Catcliffe) or a sparsely populated wind-swept wilderness

This is a suburban/semi-rural location and clearly the motives for building a turbine of this size (500 kW) at Bowshaw are commercially driven for the financial benefit of the developer alone.

It is also anticipated that planning permission for another large turbine is being sought for Bowshaw roundabout (car boot site) and without immediate action, the area of South Sheffield/North Derbysire is in danger of becoming a wind farm by stealth.

For information or to register a comment please email me at no2dronfieldwindturbines@gmail.com before March 20 and if you wish to view the planning application in detail or raise your concerns visit Planning Portal The planning application number is NED/12/00785/FL.

Sean Peck, local resident