LETTERS: Too many ‘undesirables’ put off Sheffield shoppers

Sheffield city centre 
Picture by Gerard Binks
Sheffield city centre Picture by Gerard Binks
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I totally agree with you about Sheffield centre. It is such a shame that a wonderful city has such a poor centre.

I have to say to my friends from Liverpool, which is where I originate, and has a wonderful centre, not to bother coming to Sheffield for a shopping experience?

I have lived here since 1976 and love it dearly.

My first priority would be to get HS2 to be situated in Sheffield rather than Meadowhall.

There is only really Cole Brothers to draw shoppers, as most of the other shops are duplicated in Meadowhall, so more specialist independent retailers would be a welcome addition.

Lastly, more attention to the aesthetics of building while we have the chance , build them in an attractive style not a concrete jungle.

My partner thinks there should be more police on the beat around as he noticed quite a few undesirables while in town yesterday, which could put shoppers off.

He is 6ft 2ins and still felt threatened.

I hope you get lots of ideas and good luck, I love your passion for our city


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