LETTERS: The world owes no-one a living

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I’m sorry that Mark Jones finds it necessary to pen such a vitriolic reply to my comments on student fees.

May I start by saying that in view of the naivety of his letter that I have probably been on the planet longer than him and consequently am not a member of the ‘I know my rights and what I am entitled to’ brigade, which is the cause of many of our ills today.

Unfortunately, I did not have the privilege of a university education, but was very grateful for a grammar school education (now unavailable for most people) which on reflection was probably in many ways, the equivalent of today’s university standards.

I have worked an 80-hour week for most of my working life and paid plenty of tax too, but I don’t expect a medal for it.

Mr Jones’ remark that I consider £9,000 to be small change is both fabricated and fatuous and the fact that I fail to appreciate students’ contributions to society is a total lie.

Please don’t put words into my mouth, Mr Jones.

Unfortunately, my original letter was heavily edited but it did originally mention that students who find nil or poor employment will pay no fees whatsoever.

I can still see no problem with successful students reimbursing the State, even if Mr Jones has distorted my remarks.

The world owes no-one a living.

In my previous letter on so-called student poverty. I suggested a walk down West Street on any Friday or Saturday night to observe the scale of student spending in the bars, clubs and restaurants.

If they can afford this lifestyle and can afford Sheffield’s expensive taxis to get them there, then they shouldn’t begrudge repayment of their loans.

I also stand by these remarks.

Perhaps Mr Jones should take this walk and see the real world for himself.

HJ Greaves, S7