LETTERS: The people campaigning for refugees won’t live near them

Refugees heading out of war-torn Syria
Refugees heading out of war-torn Syria
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One thing I’ve noticed during the problems of refugees swamping European countries and this is the children’s faces are printed in all the newspapers to try and get more sympathy.

But any domestic problems in England, where children are photographed, their faces are pixelated so they can’t be recognised or drooled over by certain factions. Just why is this?

I’ve also noticed there’s a distinct age band and the vast majority are young single males.

Where are the old men and women, the young children at 9-15 years old? These people are not all escaping a war zone, otherwise they would have stopped in the first safe country.

Once again the council have dusted off the City of Sanctuary banner, but as pointed out by numerous readers of the Star, the people who campaign for refugees to come here will not have them living near them.

Most of the campaigners are owner occupiers, not council tenants, who have no say at all on the subject, as council estates are the places where the refugees end up, not on the private estates.

On the Gleadless Valley estate a good few Burmese are installed, from the ages of babes in arms to pensioners, it’s amazing that these people are left to just take benefits without the need to look for work. Most of them cannot and do not want to speak English.

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