Letters: Stalin would have been proud of Tory distortion

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What a shocking piece of misdirection and NIMBYism. Alex Dale, in his letter (December 29) opposing Green Belt construction, dons the usual cap of the Conservative party – it’s not our fault it’s all down to Labour.

Alex Dale, however, failed to mention David Cameron’s war on the ‘ludicrous’ Green Belt planning laws launched in 2012. Alex Dale equally forgot to talk about how Conservative Nick Boles promised to relax the same building laws in March 2013 when talking to housebuilders.

These new Conservative rules could limit protest against new developments, shortening the time people have to appeal and ensuring fewer cases face legal challenges.

That and the Conservative ‘Gagging Clause’ which could silence any local campaigns against building, as they could be deemed political.

However, should the Council say no to green belt new builds we all know that Conservative Eric Pickles will rubber stamp any building bid that reaches his table and completely ignore local concerns.

Stalin would have been proud, not only of the way Alex Dale and the Conservative party distort the truth, but also the way that the Conservatives and Alex Dale deem fit to dictate people’s lives.

Alex Dale is standing to represent the party that wants to limit freedom of speech and limit where people live.

The Conservatives, for the few not the many.