Letters: Spring has sprung?

Lawn in Broomhill. Photo: Alan Tenanty
Lawn in Broomhill. Photo: Alan Tenanty
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Sol has overblown opinion of himself

So Sol Campbell thinks he would have been England captain for 10 years if it had not been for his colour. Well I think that someone should point out to Mr Campbell that his opinion of himself far outweighs other people’s.

I never thought Sol came under the heading of one of the greats. He may at times have been a little better than average but that’s about it.

How these overpaid football players can moan about anything at all, with the lifestyle and living they can only thank football for, is beyond belief. Just where do they think they would be today without it? They should be thankful and stop their whingeing.

Dave Croucher

Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster, DN7

Oh yes it was

Well done to all those that took part in the Frecheville panto. It was absolutely brilliant. Thank you to everyone involved for all the hard work in putting on this community event.

Councillor Karen McGowan

Birley Ward

thank you

Vera can’t write in any more

After reading EB Warris’s letter regarding my friend Vera Percy I telephoned her to ask her permission to write on her behalf. This she gave willingly and asked me to pass on her thanks to all who have asked about her.

She has been partially sighted for many years but her eyesight became worse after she was hospitalised last year following a fall, and she is no longer able to write her letters.

She is now at home and is managing to cope with the help of carers. In spite of her disability, she is very cheerful and never complains, and she is sorry she is unable to write her letters any more.

I agree with EB Warris that she was a wonderful storyteller, and we all miss them.

I had been reading Vera’s letters for years before finding out after her request to find her old school friends, that I was one of them that she was looking for. Her name then was Vera Swift. We were reunited after 75 years at the launch of the Women of Steel campaign in 2010.

On Vera’s behalf, sorry no more letters, but thank you for remembering.

Marjorie Neal

Fairbarn Road, Sheffield, S6

ski village

Sign of the times

Isn’t it time that the brown signs indicating the Ski Village were covered up or removed?

It no longer exists, any visitors to Sheffield looking for it would be very disillusioned.

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