LETTERS: Speaking up for the pensioners of Sheffield must be applauded

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Well done Brian Whitfield for speaking up for the pensioners of this city.

I know Brian personally, as my late mother lived in the same sheltered housing.

My mother had to pay full rent in which these charges were included, this being £102 per week.

The service was excellent five years ago when my mother moved in as Sue was a regular face they saw every day.

Then Sheffield Council changed things to two wardens covering three sites.

It was unnerving for elderly people, with someone shouting down the intercom, are you OK, or just opening the door to their flats and shouting the same, not even seeing them.

Why can’t council tax be paid direct to the council like it was years ago when I was unfortunate to be left on my own with two children to bring up?

I suppose that would be against human rights to take the beer and fag money away.

The council would not be wasting more money chasing these people for non-payment and they wouldn’t be penalising pensioners.

Valerie Hague