LETTERS: Some way to go for sex equality

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Paul Kenny was correct to point out that the conditions for women and indeed men have improved since the days of George Bernard Shaw. (Star letters, February 21)

However, there still remains a sizeable gender pay gap between women and men.

Discrimination in employment regularly occurs towards pregnant women.

Females make up a tiny percentage of CEOs of large companies.

They do the majority of childcare and domestic chores and are far more likely to be lone parents and live under the poverty line.

Mr Kenny argues that prostitution is a ‘lifestyle choice’ for women.

Perhaps he could consider the woman trafficked into this country and forced to sell their bodies or the five victims of Steven Wright in Suffolk who had chaotic drug-addicted lifestyles.

A Mori poll in 2008 showed 65 per cent of 18- to 24-year-olds opposed prostitution. The most relaxed attitude towards paying women for sex was from males over 55.

Coincidentally, Westminster has more brothels than any other London borough. I will leave you to draw your own conclusions.

It is easy to use the ‘F’ word (feminism) to discredit arguments regarding equality between the sexes.

The fact remains that as long as men find it acceptable to make a financial transaction over a woman’s body we still have some way to go in achieving it.

A Crowther, S11