LETTERS: Solar panel subsidy u-turn would save 27,000 South Yorkshire jobs

Solar panels
Solar panels
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The Government has announced plans to cut the current subsidy for rooftop solar panel installations by 87 per cent on January 1, 2016.

The impact has already been felt with four solar companies closing down and 1,000 lost jobs.

An emergency plan has been put forward.

It would save 27,000 threatened jobs in an emerging industry that can draw on the manufacturing skills we have in South Yorkshire.

The price of solar panels has fallen massively driven by the Chinese market.

It is now cheap and affordable and the industry says it only needs subsidies until 2020.

This compares to nuclear power which has always been reliant on massive government subsidies and is now much more expensive to produce.

The unlimited clean power of the sun is clearly now the cheap energy source for the future.

The United Nations Chief Scientist has just said that UK plans to cut subsidies to renewable energy, while increasing subsidies for fossil fuels and nuclear energy, are ‘perverse’ and harmful, both environmentally and economically.

It sends all the wrong signals ahead of the climate talks in Paris in late November.

The Government’s decision to abandon support for renewable energy is bad for business, bad for the local economy and bad for our climate.

Alison Teal

Nether Edge and Sharrow Green Party