Letters: Simon’s crucial contribution

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Thank you for your feature on Simon Pickvance’s work on occupational health.

His determination, together with that of colleagues in SOHAS, made a crucial contribution to safety at work across the country.

Occupational health projects following the Sheffield model have sprung up in many places, based on people’s needs and helping them recognise and understand the causes of their conditions.

However finding funding has never been easy as the NHS only recently, gave much attention to this area of disease and injury prevention. It’s quite possibly an area which is again at risk.

It’s tragic that the work which Simon helped pioneer did not come early enough to prevent him contracting such a serious occupational disease himself. Establishing decent standards, even for such a dangerous substance as asbestos, had to overcome some mighty commercial resistance and took a huge amount of research and persuasion, as well as sacrifice: something which should make those who mock at health and safety regulations think again.

Mike Simpkin, S8