LETTERS: Rugby World Cup is six weeks of ‘absolute dross’

New Zealand rugby team.
New Zealand rugby team.
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Now I know what you’re thinking. Here’s another letter from the old misery. Well your dead right, and here’s why.

The Rugby World Cup – six weeks of absolute dross and all down to to the sponsors trying to get their names and logos on screen for as long as possible.

Six weeks of having to watch the likes of Namibia, Japan, Romania, and the like trying to compete with what will inevitably be the four semi-final spots.

These four spots will as usual be occupied by New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and France.

Well I say France, it could be any one of about five northern hemisphere teams but at least if it’s France we here in blighty will all have someone to deride, boo and hiss at.

Roll on Halloween.

JW Vintin

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