LETTERS: Reasons why we don’t shop in city

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THE Star only asked six people what they think about rejection of new proposals for development at Meadowhall and most of them aren’t from Sheffield.

As a 19-year-old student, who has lived in Sheffield all my life, why didn’t you ask those who are the next generation rather than the OAPs?

I feel the new proposal should have been accepted for the following reasons:

It is too expensive to park in town. It’s dirty, run down, full of cheap and tacky shops and everything is so spread out.

Store selection is poor and town closes at a time which isn’t suitable to most people.

On dark winter days people don’t feel as safe when walking down to the bus stops or their cars.

I live in Loxley and the bus stop is out of the way with no shelter.

With the expensive parking prices I would have to get the bus, so why would I go and wait outside when I can stay warm inside at Meadowhall when they have plenty of variety in shops?

Mr Mothersole, have you been to Leeds or Manchester city centre recently?

If you haven’t I would like you to take a trip and compare those city centres to ours.

Their centres have loads of different shops with lots of variety suitable for many different people.

If our city centre was anything like theirs I would consider venturing out to ours.

The land which the new proposal was going to be built on is what everyone sees when they enter Sheffield from the motorway.

Not a good look for Sheffield.

Amy Smith, student