LETTERS: Protesters should not feel vindicated

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It was reassuring that, in turning down the proposal for a lapdancing club on West Street, the council’s local planning committee based its decision on the recommendations of planning officials concerning its location, environmental impact and proposed opening hours, rather than on the spurious arguments advanced by some of its opponents.

Hardly a slapping down of the proposal, as Jo Davison claims, and no reason for the protesters to feel vindicated.

Among the most vociferous was a woman claiming she was representing Sheffield’s Domestic Abuse Service.

She was interviewed on local radio and tried to claim that there was a direct link between the existence of lapdancing clubs and the horrific stabbing at Gleadless Valley recently.

To support this she disclosed details of the case and of the victim’s background that sounded suspiciously like private information – if that’s not exploitation of women for your own purposes, what is?

Ironically, this only seemed to confirm that this was what the police call a “domestic”, rather than a random attack.

I have never visited a lapdancing club and neither, I suspect, has Jo Davison, but I would imagine that most of their clients are young men out on stag nights, or suchlike, who have had too much to drink – precisely the people who the proprietors target because they are so easy to fleece.

Does she really believe these men have no other engagement with women than lapdancers? Don’t they have wives or partners, mothers, sisters, daughters or women colleagues?

Paul Kenny S3