LETTERS: Pro-EU propaganda funded by taxpayers is a disgrace

David CameronDavid Cameron
David Cameron
I am writing in a state of compete shock.

The government’s proposal to spend over £9 million of taxpayers’ money on sending barefaced propaganda to every household in Britain is totally unacceptable and indefensible, especially at a time when budgets for healthcare, education, welfare and the police are being slashed.

Regardless of which side you sit on for the referendum question, surely it is only appropriate for the machinery of government to intervene in a fair and balanced way, to ensure that voters can make a conscientious decision based on facts from both sides of the argument.

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I am deeply concerned that this Tory government considers it appropriate to spend so much money in this way, with no consideration to the other side.

Just imagine if they had sent a taxpayer-funded leaflet to every house in March last year, before purdah, saying that it was in the country’s interest to elect a Conservative government at the general election.

Would we have considered that to be acceptable?

Michael Barge

Walkley, Sheffield

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