LETTERS: Posturing during libraries debate didn’t impress me

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Wednesday was my 68th birthday and I decided to go along to the Sheffield City Council meeting that was set to debate cuts to the library services.

I was not impressed by the political posturing on both sides of the debate.

There were plenty of excellent representations of the views of the people of Sheffield who asked questions or presented petitions from the floor.

I was particularly impressed by the words and feelings expressed by a wonderful 11-year- old and those of a young Sheffield University student.

The Lib Dems probably feel that cuts to the library services are a local vote winner for them. Each and every Lib Dem council member said exactly the same thing, which was not helpful to saving the library service but was aimed to score points against their Labour opponents.

In response Labour councillors trotted out their party line: “We love all the Sheffield libraries and don’t want to see any of them close but the Lib Dems and their coalition allies have forced us to make these cuts. Vote for us at the General Election for better services.”

Is there no way the libraries could be saved by our representatives doing what the people of Sheffield want – which surely is to find ways of continuing to provide an excellent library service throughout Sheffield, properly resourced and staffed by trained, employed people who know what they are doing?

Tom Heller