LETTERS: Plans won’t stop crazed gunmen

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Godfrey Bloom says that he was in America in the summer when the Colorado shootings took place and he also mentioned our own tragedies in Dunblane and Hungerford.

The MEP appeared on US and UK radio stations with a solution, which in his opinion, would “almost certainly prevent such deaths”.

This solution is to adopt a method of sponsorship and certification by a medical practitioner (GP) and 20 of the firearms licence applicant’s neighbours on an annual basis with the sponsors to be notified of any purchases above two firearms

Mr Bloom is wrong if he thinks this will stop any crazed individual committing such atrocities.

We are already well- regulated on firearms licences and I think you will find that most of those who commit crime using firearms have obtained them illegally.

Mr Bloom says that his idea would “curtail the deranged from access to firearms” and “those who become unstable would lose the support of their sponsors”.

Where does he get the idea that 20 neighbours and one GP are qualified to say whether someone is deranged or not?

Who does he suggest is going to administer all this additional management of the regulation processes?

The police, with all their cutbacks? I don’t think so.

It is terrible that the innocent are mown down, have their lives cut short and their families’ lives shattered by the actions of one gun-wielding individual, but Mr Bloom is deluded if he thinks his idea is going to make a scrap of difference.

Dave Cully, Lowedges Crescent, Sheffield S8