Letters: Not fit to look after pigeons

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SHOPPING in Castle Market on Monday, June 13, along with 50 or so other shoppers I was ‘treated’ to a full-on fight between two women, just inside the main entrance.

The fight continued for two or three minutes before they were separated by stallholders. Two minutes later they were brawling again, screaming and shouting at each other. Most of the onlookers seemed to thoroughly enjoy this disgusting sight. Is this what Sheffield has come to?

The behaviour of these women was an absolute disgrace. They both had babies in pushchairs nearby while they continued to behave like animals.

Neither is fit to look after pigeons, let alone babies.

Colin Jukes, Ormond Rd.

Jordanthorpe, S8

Rail companies losing money

A group of fellow walkers and myself travelled by rail from Hathersage to Sheffield. Others boarded at the same station. At Grindleford, groups of youngsters and students boarded. At Dore and Totley, more people boarded. The conductor collected no fares.

Some months ago I travelled by bus from Sheffield to Aston. A fellow passenger, travelling to Woodhouse Mil, said: “We should have caught the train...no one collects fares.”

Ironically one of our members has a son who is a ticket inspector on Sheffield to Charing Cross trains. Some days he collects up to £2000 from commuters who have not paid for a ticket or only paid to the next station. Rail companies are losing a great deal.

Mel Partridge, Aston