LETTERS: Nine reasons Jesus was actually a refugee

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Mary, Joseph And Jesus fled to Egypt to avoid the depredations of Herod. Let us examine the situation:

1) They were in genuine fear of losing the Christ child to Herod’s soldiers.

2) They followed today’s rules, (Geneva Convention and UN), by going to the nearest safe country.

3) They would hardly have demanded help from the Egyptian government.

4) They did not cross Egypt looking for a different country where they would be financially better off.

5) They did not begin as refugees and gradually morph into economic migrants as many undoubtedly do by becoming ‘selective’ as to their final destination.

6) Their stay in Egypt was as a temporary refuge and they ultimately returned to Nazareth when safe to do so.

7) They did not camp on the doorstep of a different nation with the intention of criminally forcing illegal entry.

8) Unlike many ‘refugees’ today – they were demonstrably a family and it was not just Joseph on his own.

9) The Scriptures urge us towards wisdom not being vulnerable to deceivers.

As a practising Christian, I firmly believe that help must be offered to the genuine but the multitudes of assorted scallies who have latched onto this crisis must be weeded out.

Those so-called ‘do-gooders’ who naively refuse to differentiate do our nation no favours, while turning millions of our citizens hardhearted against the many deserving cases who really must receive our assistance.

Les Arnott

Athelstan Road, Sheffield, S13